To all the girls out there..

I just found this on my computer and I’m spechless again. This guy, this wonderful guy kept me strong 3 years before when I was starving myself. The moment I heard this I stopped. I stopped starving myself and I started eating healthier and I started working out. Since then I changed. A lot. And remember, you’re not alone. And you are enough. (:

One more thing, does anyone knows who this guy is?

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Promises, promises..

I’m aware I have made bunch of promises that I hadn’t kept but trust me I remember them. I’ll have three weeks now and you’ll get everything you asked me to because I’ll finally have some spare time! Thank you all for your reblogs, likes and following, I’ve noticed it all and it makes me very happy (:

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teenage-queen-of-dirtbags asked: Do you know when im going to get,my Dirty Nathan Sykes imagine that I requested?

Sorry love, I explained everything in my new post.

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Sorry guys, some nasty stuff happened to me in last 2 weeks, I won’t be up here, on twitter and wattpad either for some time, I don’t know how long, but I’m really sorry. I didn’t forget about the storry on wattpad, about imagines and all other stuff it’s just I can’t do all that right now. Sorry

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I am so beyond sorry there weren’t any posts on wattpad, or tumblr but I didn’t have wi-fi! I promised some of you imagines and they will be up by the end of this week and so will be new chapters of ‘Remember me’ (:

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Have I gone mad?!